(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Curved like the outside surface of a sphere or circle
1. (shape) convexity, prominence, projection, swell[ing], bulge, protuberance, protrusion, growth, lump; stud. See rotundity.
2. (convex object) excrescence, tumescence, outgrowth, tumor, tubercle, tuberosity; hump, hunch, bunch; tooth, knob, elbow; bulb, node, nodule; tongue; pimple, wen, weal, pustule, sarcoma, carbuncle, corn, wart, furuncle, polyp, fungus, blister, boil, proud flesh (see disease); papilla; breast, bosom, nipple, teat, mammilla; nose, proboscis, beak, snout; belly; withers, humpback; shoulder, lip; [speed] bump. Informal, pot, zit, burble, goober, sleeping policeman. Slang, corporation. See body.
3. (landmass having convex shape) hill, height, cape, promontory, headland; peninsula, neck, isthmus, point of land; reef; mole, jetty, ledge, spur.
4. (convex arthitectural feature) cupola, dome, vault, arch, extrados, balcony, eaves; pilaster; boss; relief, bas-relief, cameo.
Verbs — project, bulge, protrude, pout, bunch; billow; jut, stand, stick, or poke out; start up, shoot up or out; arch, vault; swell, bag, bloat, intumesce, hang over, bend over; beetle; raise, emboss, chase.
Adjectives — convex, prominent, protuberant; projecting; bossed; nodular, bunchy; clavate; mammiform, papulous; hemispheric, bulbous; bowed, parched; bold; bellied; tuberous, tuberculous; humpbacked, gibbous; tumid, tumorous; cornute, odontoid; lentiform, lenticular; salient, in relief, raised, repoussé; bloated.
Antonyms, see concavity.

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